Early Childhood Classrooms

Nursery (9-17 Months)
Yellow Room (younger toddlers)
Blue Room (older toddlers)
Red Room (mostly 3 year olds)

Primary Education Classrooms

K-1st Grade
2-4th Grade

Current Curriculum Schedule

In our primary education classrooms, we use The Gospel Project curriculum. Over the course of 3 years, The Gospel Project takes us through the redemptive storyline of the Bible - from Genesis to Revelation. In total, the curriculum consists of 12 volumes. 

Drop Off

After checking-in your kids at our check-in table, our youngest 3 rooms are immediately open for drop off.

Our Preschool and Elementary students will start in the service with the adults for our Call to Worship, Singing, Creed, and Pastoral Prayer. They will then be dismissed for their classes.

YMCA Play Area Parental Consent Form

As we meet at the YMCA, there is a playland area available for our kids to use. We schedule time for each of our classrooms to utilize the play area throughout the morning under supervision of our CCKids adult volunteers. Before allowing your child to use the equipment, though, we want to make sure they have parental permission to do so. Please complete the following form for any of your children older than 18 months.

5th Sundays

A few months each year have FIVE Sundays. In those months, on the FIFTH Sunday, our older kids will stay with us for the entire worship service. Infant and Toddler rooms will remain open.


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