Midweek Announcements 1.31.24

Women’s Retreat
Theme: Jesus, our Living Hope
Dates: Feb 16th at dinner through Feb 17th early evening.
Cost: $50, scholarships available

Come to grow in your knowledge of Jesus, our Living Hope & connect with women at Christ Community. Register on the app or event calendar.

Membership Classes
If you're interested in becoming a member at CC, we invite you to attend this 3-week class. These classes are required for all prospective members. Register to attend here. Questions about membership? Email jordan@christcommunitycu.com

Newcomer Brunch
New or new-ish to Christ Community? You are invited to a Newcomer Brunch at the Coady's home following the Renewal Gathering on February 25. RSVP Here

Sunday School
The 10-Week Systematic Theology class begins Feb. 18.
Registration for Sunday School opportunities is available on the Sunday School Calendar on the app or online at:

Parenting Life Groups
After the last parenting Sunday School, there will be 2 different Parenting Life Groups that will gather for 3 weeks. The ideal would be to attend the parenting Sunday Schools (1/28-2/11) and then join one of these Life Groups. However, you are welcome to sign up for one of these Life Groups even if you were unable to make it to the Sunday School times.

Meeting in these groups is intended to provide more time and space to watch & discuss the videos, as well as to helpfully share more with one another about the heart of parenting in the different stages of childhood through young adulthood.

Led by Pat & Pam Froelich - first meeting on Sunday, Feb. 25, 1-3 p.m. in their home. *This Group is At Capacity*

Led by Scott & UnChong Berkey - first meeting on Sunday, Feb. 25,  6:30-8:30 p.m. in their home.

Space limited to 3-5 parenting units per Life Group. Please plan to attend all 3 weeks of these meetings (at the first meeting the next 2 meeting times will be determined together). Register here!

Easter Baptisms
We will again be holding a baptism service on Easter Sunday. If you or your child are interested in learning more about baptism we will hold a baptism class in March (date TBD). Let us know if you're interested by filling out this form

This Week's Sermon Scripture
Exodus 19:1-25, 20:18-21